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As a child, I was very familiar with healthcare because of my father’s illness. He became sick with Acute Myelodysplasia Leukemia when I was only 6 years old. For months he was in and out of the hospital for treatments and appointments. The illness came on suddenly and took him just as fast. 6 short months later at the age of 39 yrs old, my father passed away. My professional journey has been deeply personal, driven by my childhood experiences as well as my own challenging medical experiences. These challenges helped me to find functional medicine, where I not only discovered the root cause of my own health puzzles but also the path to help others. Beyond my role as a health consultant, I am a family-oriented individual, deeply invested in a lifestyle that celebrates wellness, activity, and the outdoors here in Florida.

It All Started When My Own Body Became A Mystery...

Just two weeks after the birth of my son, when I started experiencing daily fevers ranging between 102 to 104 degrees. This perplexing health issue persisted for over two years, during which traditional medical approaches failed to provide clarity or relief. Despite my background as a nurse and consulting numerous specialists, including a visit to the Mayo Clinic, the cause of my symptoms remained unidentified.

This period was marked not only by physical symptoms but also by intense postpartum anxiety that impacted every aspect of my life. The experience was deeply challenging, pushing me to question the conventional medical wisdom I had always relied upon. In searching for answers to my own health issues, I was compelled to explore beyond traditional medicine

But Then Everything Changed...

My transition to functional medicine was born out of necessity, a pivotal turn in my life driven by my own health crisis. The period following the birth of my son became a time of deep vulnerability and relentless search for answers. Confronted with daily high fevers and debilitating postpartum anxiety, and finding no relief from traditional medical routes, I reached my lowest point. Despite being a healthcare professional myself, I was mired in uncertainty and frustration, facing a mystery that seemed unsolvable. 

Now I'm able To empower YOUR path to wellness with personal insight...

The struggles I faced — unexplained symptoms, the inefficacy of traditional medical approaches, and the journey towards healing — have equipped me with a unique perspective. This experience is not just a part of my story; it's a foundational aspect of how I approach each client's needs. Understanding the frustration and helplessness that come with unaddressed health issues enables me to connect with and effectively guide my clients. 

At Functional Vitality Health, my services are designed with this understanding at their core. I offer comprehensive functional lab testing, detailed analysis of gut health, and personalized wellness strategies. These services are more than just solutions; they're a response to the need for a deeper, more holistic approach to health — an approach I desperately needed

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