DIY - Take Control of Your Own Health


At Functional Vitality Health, I believe in giving you the tools you need to take charge of your health independently. My DIY services include options for both lab testing and detox, allowing you to personalize your health journey according to your needs.

Test Your Own Labs

Functional Vitality Labs Storefront

Experience the convenience of ordering your own lab tests with Functional Vitality Labs. This innovative service is designed for you and your family to bypass the usual healthcare barriers:

  • No Doctor’s Appointment Needed: Gain direct access to a wide range of lab tests without needing a doctor’s referral.
  • Easy Ordering Process: Visit the Rupa Health website through our Functional Vitality Lab Store to select and order your desired tests.
  • Follow Simple Instructions: Receive your lab kit with all necessary instructions for a smooth testing process.
  • Fasting Requirement: Ensure to fast for 12 hours before your scheduled lab draw.
  • Local Lab Support: Take your lab kit to any “Any Lab Test Now” center for phlebotomy services (additional cost of $25-$40, no appointment needed).
  • Personalized Results: Expect a follow-up from Jessica within 1-2 weeks, including optimized results and a customized plan tailored to your lifestyle factors.
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Do Your Own Detox

Self-Guided Detoxification

Embrace the freedom of managing your own detox with our straightforward and flexible "Do Your Own Detox" option:

  • Direct Access to Products: Use the Direct Patient Code: G6ZqOmya to purchase high-quality detox supplements directly from the Cellcore Biosciences product store.
  • This offer does not include lab work but feel free to order your own labs above for comparison before and after your detox!
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